a sexy, twisty domestic thriller

The Wife Between Us meets The Swimming-Pool Library in The Silence of Us, a twisty, sexy domestic thriller featuring LGBTQ leads.

Jonah, a blue-blooded recovering addict, and his husband Riley, a newly-out, former NFL quarterback from a blue-collar background, embark on their happily-ever-after in an idyllic town on the Maine coast, but the secrets one of them is hiding will leave the other fighting to survive.

A violent attack by someone from Jonah’s past and a dead-end check to Riley’s Wall Street career following his coming out trigger a move to quiet, picturesque Camden, Maine. Soon, Riley’s growing obsession with a beautiful young man sows seeds of jealousy and doubt, and revelations regarding the father figure Jonah has come to rely on threaten his sobriety.

On the coldest night of the year, Jonah comes to covered in blood and with no memory of how a dead body came to be lying yards from their open kitchen door.

Represented by: Darlene Chan, The Linda Chester Literary Agency